Environmental, Health, Safety
Efforts in Environmental Protection


The Performance Chemicals Handels GmbH takes its responsibilities under the REACH legislation very serious.

REACH is an integral part of our safety and environmental management.
Furthermore, serious efforts in the REACH process have been made to provide customers with a broad range of products in future and to meet customer requirements.

Performance Chemicals Handels GmbH intends to pre-register all substances of their products manufactured in/or imported into the European Union.
As a downstream user we will go into intense communication with our suppliers to ensure that all raw materials will be supported and that our manufacturing process will not be affected.

As member of VCI and with good contacts to CEFIC, Performance Chemicals Handels GmbH is fully integrated and informed about the proceeding of the REACH process as well as other environmental legislations.

Recycling of flexible PUR foams
Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Wildau

Approximately 3 million tonnes polyurethanes are worldwide produced as flexible slabstock foams. The production process annually creates about 200.000 t cut-off waste. For these high quality products there exist applications like carpet backing, however, since 9.11. combustion has remained as largest utilization.
Therefore, the aim of the project was to establish a novel process for recycling of flexible PUR foams. The achieved products (polyols and oligo-urea components) are valuable raw materials for the polyurethane / polyurea production process.
The products resulting from this recycling process are actually not yet commercialized by a third party. However, the consortium managed to produce these components in a small testing plant. Therefore, a patent was filed: Procedure and device for production of pure polyol components from polyurethanes. As a result the PC AMINE® DA SOLVE seems to be the only useful product for this kind of process. As next target a semi-commercial plant for this recycling process with capable partners is planned.

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